Decrease "x" sts across

I wrote a ton in this post:
Albem Bag
before realizing I have a very basic question:
If a pattern just says “decrease x sts across”, is this referring to a certain “basic” way of decreasing which I should know about? Or does this mean you can go about it any way you please - be creative :cool: ?!

NB the question is not just with regards to the Albem Bag pattern. I also wonder what to do if I ever come across such a description again! But if someone has another idea about decreasing in that particular pattern, I’m happy to hear it.

It usually means to decrease x sts approximately evenly spaced across. Don’t bunch them together at one spot or another. This calculator will give you some suggestions on how to do that.

Yes, just dec the sts evenly spaced, using k2tog or ssk, whichever you prefer.

If the pattern specifies a decrease style, of course that’s the one to use. If it doesn’t, and I wasn’t confident about which way to do it, I’d ask here.

Thanky you all for the clear answers.

:wink: Just my thought :cool:

I guess every way has its pros and cons.