Decrease using 2 circular needles, help!

I’m knitting a hat and am at the point of staring decreases. I watched the video, but still can’t get it right. I thread half the stitches onto my new needle, but my feeder needle winds up on the left instead of the right hand side. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I start putting stitches from the side that has my working yarn on it. I hope I’m making this clear enough, as I am totally confused.

Here’s a few other tutorials because sometimes you need another explanation with different words to make it click in your head. The first link shows how to knit with two circs right from the beginning, but you can see the mechanics of knitting two circs. the second photo tutorial shows knitting the top of a hat.

Since you are working with two sets of circs you can just slide the needle to either end where the working yarn is. Look at the pictures and video and see if that clears anything up for you then please come back if you need more clarification.

Knit half the sts with new needle 2, then fold the hat in half so that the two needles (needle one and needle 2) are lined up next to each other with the working yarn dangling off the needle in the back, needle 2. Now pick up the other end of needle 1 in your right hand and knit the sts off the left hand point of needle 1. You only work with one circular needle at a time and you alternate which needle you are knitting with. First with both ends of needle 1 and then with both ends of needle 2.

My problem seems to be how to load the second needle. I have nearly finished the hat, which is my own making up using the old Navy watch cap as a basis. I got to decreasing and my needles don’t line up correctly, so I’ am doing something wrong. They wind up pinted in the opposite direction of each other.
Thanks for any suggestions.
RickM, Florida

Just slide the sts to the other end of the circ, so the working yarn is on the right needle. Make sure the RS is facing you and the needle with the working yarn is on the side closer to you, not on the other side of the hat. If it’s on the far side or the WS is facing out, flip the hat inside out through the needles.