Decrease to match Amy's Moss Stictch Increase?

Is there a decrease that I can do that would more or less match the moss increase? I’m going to be increasing/decreasing at the end of rows before I add a moss stitch border, so it would be perfect. I really don’t want to knit the piece in 2 parts and join them in the middle so that every angle would be an increase, so I need a decrease that would match.



You are doing a moss stitch border, but what is the majority of the piece? Is it stockinette? If so, couldn’t you just do the increases/decreases using the last stitch(es) before your border?

That I know of, there is no matching decrease for the moss increase.

well… um… I guess I could.

But that would mean I’d have to temporarily take of my crown. See, I’m the queen of making things more difficult than they are! :oops:

That makes sense. I’m knitting with 2 strands of worsted weight wool/alpaca, and the body is done in stockinette. So, I guess if I just knit 2 tog right before my border, it wouldn’t show that much, given that I’m using HUGE yarn and all. And I’ll just flip through my books and find a very simple, no holes showing increase and leave it at that.

<Putting crown back on and looking for her scepter>


Glad I could help, your majesty! :wink:

Hope it works out for you. I think if the decreases/increases are placed right before your moss stitch border, they will not be noticeable in the grand scheme of things.

Whatcha working on??

I’m designing a shrug, my very first design attempt. I never thought I’d try it this early in the game, but it just sort of… happened. I found the yummiest pattern for a poncho. I bought some yarn, knit up a gauge swatch and practiced the pattern stitch.

First I decided I didn’t like that stitch, so I inserted a different cable. Then once I was done swatching/practicing THAT, I got out the muslin. I wanted to see how much larger I would have to make it to fit around my, um, ampleness, tee hee. As I stood there, swaddled in muslin, feeling quite constrained and bulky, I realized, I don’t WANT a poncho! lol

But, by this point, I was in love with my cable design, so I looked and my long rectangle of muslin, and thought, this would look MUCH better, like so, and if I knit in the round HERE, and do thus and so, and before you know it, I was sketching away and muttering numbers under my breath.

So, this shrug design has become my latest obsession (just one in a long, LONG line).

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: