Decrease through back of loop?

I have a pattern that I am working on that calls for decreases through the back loop. I think I understand how to knit 2 tog through back loop, but I am having trouble figuring out how to purl 2 tog through back loop. Please help!!


Purling two together through the back loop is awkward. Here’s a video.

Thanks for the link! How would I include 2 loops in that purl stitch? Would I grab the 2 back loops and pull the yarn first through the loop that is rightmost on the left needle and then through the 2nd? Sorry, I am very confused…

You bring your right needle around to the back and through the two loops on the back of the left needle from left to right at the same time, and purl them as if they were one stitch.

As I said, it can be awkward getting them both on the needle, but what I do is stick the point of my right needle between the second and third stitch on the left needle and then put it through the first two loops. It helps me to make sure I get that second-from-the-tip loop, which is easy to miss.

Thanks for all your help, Ingrid! :smiley: