Decrease suggestions for pattern

I have to begin decreases in bottom up sweater I am making. The side seams are a strip of 6 garter stitches.
I have to decrease before and after side seams. Since the side seams are 6 stitches long should I begin the decrease 2 stitches before side seams, or the usual 3 stitches before. I will do ssk before and k2tog after.

I’m confused about your 6 stitch seams.

Try both on a swatch and see which you like better. I think the 2 from the edge should be fine but 3 doesn’t seem like it should be a problem.

I’m doing a top down sweater and have increases 4 stitches from either side of the center of the underarm as I work down so they’re 8 sts apart but mine is seamless.

Thank you for your response.
I went with the decrease 2 stitches before the seams. There are 2 side seams on each side, but they are actually a band of 6 stitches in garter all the way up. The front panels and back are a lace pattern.
I’m probably still confusing you but hope that explains it a little better.
Happy Holidays!