Decrease step help!

well so far ive needed help on about every step of this cardigan

but i absolutely love it and im totally enchanted with it and i want it to turn out good bc its a gift…so i wanted a little clarification on this step:

[I]knit 1 row dec 3 (5, 3, 5 7) sts evenly spaced across row [/I]

i’m doing the 1 yr old size so ill need to dec 5 sts. Thanks guys!

I’m not sure what you’re asking… but I’ll assume you know how to decrease.

Spacing x number of decreases across a row sometimes can be slightly intimidating. What you do is, divide your row/stitches in half. Now divide your number of decreases in half.

Okay, you have 5 decreases to do. This means in the first half of your row, you’ll decrease 2 stitches - one close to the edge, one fairly close to half-way through your first half.

When you come to the half-way point, decrease a 3rd time.

Then work half-way through the second half of your row, do the 4th decrease.

End up with the final decrease fairly close to the end of your row.


Thanks so much! That was just what i needed!

The other way to calculate…you’re starting with 163 sts. Need five decs. Subtract one dec because that’s worked at the beginning. Divide: 163/4=40. So dec every 40 sts, with the last one at the end.