Decrease row

I’m a beginner knitter and teaching myself. I’m knitting slippers and I’m stuck on the decrease for the toe.
It says work ribbing for 7 sts, * slip, k and psso, k1, k2,tog. *, work 3 sts ribbing, repeat between *'s once, finish row in ribbing; 23 sts.
Maybe someone can explain this. Thanks. scc123

Ok the first 7sts you will work in ribbing…
then you will do a SKP
Slip one stitch to your right needle, Knit the next st, now pass the slipped st over the stitch that you just knit…
Knit one
Knit 2 Together

Work 3sts of Ribbing
Repeat the decreases one more time because they are between the *

Hereis a link to Amy’s decrease videos :happydance:

ETA: Do you have a link to the slippers you are knitting?

Thanks, dustinac

ETA: the link is. maggieslippers