Decrease Question!

So, while I THINK I know the answer to this question, I’ve learned it is better to ask all you wise and all knowing ones just to be safe and potentially save me GOBS of headaches.

Pattern for Super Simple Wrap Jacket states: CO 90 (94, 102, 108) sts…
Shape armholes: Beg
with the next RS row, dec 1 st each end
of needle every row 8 (8, 8, 9) times—74
(78, 86, 90) sts rem.

Do I decrease 1 st at each end of EVERY row (knit rows AND purl rows) or just the knit rows? Thanks gang!!!

Every row–knit and purl.

Thank you, Ingrid. That was what I thought…that whole “trust the pattern” thing and all. LOL… BUT I JUST wanted to be sure.

Thank you again. :muah: As always, the knittinghelp forum has saved me from a potential snaffu.