Decrease question

Hi experienced knitters,appreciate your help .I’m starting the decrease on a balaclava with 120 stitches , first round says K2tog P2tog k1p1 8 times then p1 k1 to the end leaving 108 stitches, I keep getting 104 stitches, Any thoughts?

Is it a free pattern? If so do you have any link to it?

Hi thanks for responding, here is the pattern I bought


You repeat the whole [k2tog, p2tog, (k1 p1) 8 times] until the end of the round. This repeated part is 20 stitches long and it decreases 2 stitches each time it is repeated. 120s/20s=6. As 6x2s=12s it means that totally 12s are decreased. 120s-12s=108s.

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Dear engblom

Thank you so much for your response I had to read it a few times but eventually the penny dropped and I realised I was interpreting the instruction completely wrong.

I’m now able to move on with the hat , I really really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me , it means a lot,

Very best wishes


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Thanks so much for explaining that!!! I had it all wrong too and I’m not even making this hat!!! I was repeating the whole k2tog p2tog k1 p1 8 times. And that’s how I got to 104. I didn’t realize it was only the k1p1 that is supposed to be repeated!!

Amazing what happens when a new set of eyes reads something!!!

Thanks again

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