Decrease problem on Drape cardigan

Hello there

i’ve just recently picked up knitting again after some 10 years away.

I’ve got a problem with the front left of the cardigan drape which i am currently in the middle off. I followed the pattern so far, increasing every 4th row on slope edge (not side seam) and i’ve got to this next part:-

(currently 54sts)

“Working all side seam decreases in the same way as for back, dec 1 st at beg of next and 2 foll 14th rows and AT THE SAME TIME cont to inc 1 st at the end of next and every foll 4 row (59)”

so my next row is a knit row so i’ve worked this out:-
1 - dec 1, knit, inc 1
2 - purl
3- dec 1, knit
4 - purl
5 - dec 1, knit, inc 1
6 - purl
7 - dec 1, knit
8 - purl
9 - dec 1, knit, inc 1
10 - purl
11 - dec 1, knit
12 - purl
13 - dec 1, knit, inc 1
14 - purl

This brings me to 48 sts… What am i doing wrong?


Welcome to KnittingHelp!
it’s good to write out the increases and decreases the way that you have. It helps keep track and you can check off the rows as you go.
The increase rows are correct: rows 1,5,9,13,17,21,25,29.
The decrease rows should be: rows 1,15,29.
You increase 8sts and decrease 3sts (net increase of 5sts) from 54 to 59sts.

Thank you soooo very much.

i’ve been stuck for 2 days and nearly gave up.

it all makes sense now. :slight_smile: