Decrease on the round

Although Ive been knitting for 50yrs (Im 55) its only ever been with CHUNKY wool (grows quickly!) and plain knitting. Now Im making a jumper in double knitting !! Not sure if its called that in the US :frowning: and as Im a bit on the large side up top, Ive put bust darts in with SHORT ROWS !! :smiley: I have only just heard of these since joining this site :!: Every jumper I buy or make goes up at the front where my bust pulls it up so Im hoping the darts work! :wink: Im also using circular needles to finish the neck off !! which again is a first !! phew :roll: This is where I need help. Its a scoop neck and knitted in seed stitch. Normally with two needles I decrease now and then so it lays flat. How do I do this on the round :?: This is a wonderful site Amy, its given me the courage to experiment with knitting and try things I never would have done before. Thank you.

Hi Jeanette~

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question, but I have some for you. I haven’t made any sweaters yet, but I have a bunch bookmarked that I would like to make. I am interested in, ahem cough cough, the strategic placement of your darts and also, how many you use. I share your aggravation about tops “pulling up”. Any insight that you could provide would be greatly appreciated

Hi Beldaraan, I have put the darts too high on this jumper Im working on, 2 rows before the armhole. When it was too late I looked at where the darts are on a blouse and realised they should have been a couple of inches before the armhole. I did one each side , the same as a blouse and I have to say its done the trick.although Im still waiting to finish the neck. I used the instructions in the 'Vogue Knitting ’ book. If you need them I’ll be quite happy to copy them for you.

Which vogue mag is it? I would love a copy with some instructions on how to knit darts. Thank you for the offer.

I haven’t even touched circ needles, so I hope someone else here can answer your question. Good luck with the experiment.

Hi Beldaraan, heres the instructions for darts as its printed in the book:

Measure the length of pieces with horizontal darts at the side seam, not over the area of the dart shaping. To work a horizontal dart, use the following steps :

Multiply the dart depth (usually one or two inches) by the row gauge to find the number of rows in the dart.

Dart shaping is worked on every other row (a right dart is worked at the end of right side rows and a left dart at the end of wrong side rows). Divide the number of rows by two to find the number of decreases on each side.

Find the number of stitches in the dart by multiplying the dart width by the stitch gauge.

Divide the stitches by half the number of rows to find the number of stitches to leave unworked on each side of the row.

Once all the stitches are left unworked , work across the whole piece, hiding the short row wraps

My darts were 2 inches deep and 5 inches long. That worked out at 12 rows / 24 stitches. 4 sts short row each side, 6 decreases in all each side.

The book that I got these from is called ’ Vogue Knitting the Ultimate Knitting Book’ Its on the pattern forum on this site. I hope this has been of help. Let me know if you need anymore info. If I dont get a reply about finishing the neck , I think I’ll have a go at crochet round it :?


Hi Jeanette,

Good luck with your short row shaping on that sweater. I’m a 36A/34B size, so I’m completely unfamiliar with that technique! LOL

As far as your neck decreases, I’m not sure what your question is. Are you trying to ensure that your left-slanting decreases are balanced by your right-slanting ones? Try using ssk or skp paired with k2tog.

Double knitting in this country refers to double-thick knitting, where the knitting is two fabrics thick. Could you be talking about Fair Isle knitting, with two colors (sometimes called double fisted, because you can carry a color in each hand)?

Happy knitting!

Hi Amy, double knitting over here is a wool that is thicker than 4ply but not as thick as aran but is still the thinnest wool Ive knitted with !! The darts that I put in have worked great as Im a 43inch bust and get fed up with jumpers going up at the front if I stand up straight lol. Ive knitted the jumper and grafted the shoulders. Its knitted in stocking stitch and the edges Ive done in seed stitch. I have to do the neck edge with circular needles in seed stitch and I dont know where or how many times to decrease so that it lays flat. Ive knitted it twice and had to unpick it as its all curly. Hope that explains it a bit better. I would appreciate any tips.

Oh right, “DK weight” yarn. Gotcha.

I know that Vogue Knitting has a whole section on how to do different necks. You might take a peek in there. For a seed stitch neckline, it might be easiest to decrease at the same point on two sides, like with a square neckline, so that you don’t have to worry about throwing off your seed stitch…just a thought.

Hope that helps!