Decrease on it right?H

Hello Everyone,

[B](sorry about type errors in title, cant’ seem to edit it - should read 'Decrease on sleeve…is this right?)[/B]

I am knitting the raglan sleeve of a child’s jumper. The previous decreases have been on the right (knit) side. It then said to work another 20 rows normally and then asks me to start decreasing again but this time the decreases work out on the purl side?

It just seems a bit strange that the decreases don’t just remain on the right side.

Is this normal or might I have gone wrong somewhere??

Many thanks


Hi and welcome to KH!
Sometimes the pattern wants you to decrease on the purl side of stockinette and that could be the case here or it may be just a matter of being off one row. At any rate, if it’s easier to do the decreases on the knit side, then go ahead and put them on the knit side, (RS). I prefer that myself. Since it occurs after 20 rows plain, it won’t matter if the decreases start up again on row 19 or row 21.
Enjoy finishing up your sweater!

Hi Salmonac, thankyou. Really appreciate your help!