Decrease instruction help

I am making a Sirdar cardigan. I can not understand the decrease for the neck edge instructions. The way I read it it seems I need to decrease the neck and the shoulder??? Here are the directions.
Cast off 4 sts in patt, patt to the end. Work the next ten rows as follows.
Dec. 1 st at the neck edge in next and every foll row 10 times.[33] sts.
Every row? every neck edge row? I am so confused. I have made a lot of cardigans, but I dont remember decreasing hte shoulder at he same time as the neck. yet, if I do every row, that is precisely what is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’re supposed to decrease every neck edge row, whether it’s at the beginning or end. That’s how I read it, anyway.

Dec. 1 st at the[color=red] neck edge[/color] in next and every foll row 10 times

Ok, thanks---- so the “every foll row” should read as every foll neck edge row. Man, this pattern has taken the fun out of knitting. lol lol but it is gorgeous, so I will dilligently continue on. thanks

i think it means every time you reach the neck to decrease whether it’s at the beginning or end of the row, not each ‘beginning’ neck edge row…