Decrease in entrelac

New to this forum, hope I’m posting in the right place!

I’m a novice knitter, and I’ve been playing around with entrelac for the last little while. I’m working on the Shady Cove Cape-Cowl - first time I’ve done entrelac in the round, and also had to work decreases. My first two decrease tiers went well, but now, in the third decrease tier, I am seeing a gap in the corner. I think it’s because I skipped the first stitch I would normally pick-up in the previous tier (I had to choose one to skip). You can see in this image - I’ve done the first square of the tier, and there is a small gap in the bottom corner. Is this normal/unavoidable, or is there some trick I can do to get rid of the gap? TIA!

It’s going beautifully. Can you either skip a stitch in the center of the block instead of at the corner or pick up in all the stitches and then decrease in the center of the block on the next row? Either would avoid the gap at the end. My preference would be the second alternative.

I had thought about doing those options too, but I think I’ve come up with a better solution. Unfortunately it means I have to rip out the 2 decrease tiers I’ve already done :frowning: But I think it’ll work.

In this pattern, for a new square, I pick up 11 stitches purl-wise, k11 back across, then p10, p2tog to start joining with the previous tier, and so on. In other entrelac patterns, however, I’ve seen it where you pick up 11 purl-wise, then transfer the last stitch to the left needle and p2tog, and then k11 across, and so on. I think by doing this, I’d cut out one extra row, and so on my next tier, I’d have one less stitch to pick up. Does that make sense? So if I did that on my first decrease tier, the next decrease tier should have one less stitch automatically and no gaps. Hopefully it works like I think it will, and hopefully I don’t mess everything up by ripping out 2 tiers…

Why not try it out on a test swatch? Just do a couple of rectangles and then start another tier. That way you won’t unnecessarily rip out the whole 2 tiers.