Decrease help needed

New here, but am already loving this site. Hope you can help me.

Although not new to knitting, it has been quite a few years, now knitting for my granddaughter.

Here’s my question:

Book: Blossom - Designs for Baby

Raglan Cardigan with Crochet Edge

Front decrease row: K until 6 sts rem, ssk, yo, K2tog, K2

[B]Note: when too few sts rem to work dec above, work k2tog or ssk.[/B]
Cast on 30 sts, begin decrease at 5 1/2 in 16 times
At 7 3/4 in begin binding off. 4 sts 1 time - 3 sts 2 times - 2 sts 2 times

My question: when down to 5 sts, where do i k2tog or ssk? Do I still yo? the yo creates the open weave needed for the 16 rows.

I think they just want you to do a single decrease, and end with k2 but not do the YO. So if you have 5 sts - k1, dec, k2. By that time you have so few sts that the missing YO won’t be noticeable.