Decrease help needed

I’m working on the trinity stitch hat and I’m having trouble understanding the decrease. It’s worked as follows.

K to 5 sts before marker and decrease 5 sts into one as follows: sl 3 knit-wise (one at a time); pass 2nd st on right needle over first (center); sl center st back onto left needle, pass next st over it rep from *, k remaining st.

I get it up to pass 2nd st over first but after that I get lost. It’s supposed to decrease one entire bobble at a time, but I just keep getting twisted knots instead of workable stitches. Please help!! TIA

Think of these 5 stitches as


Slip 345 to the left needle and pass 4 over 3 (3 is the center stitch).
Then slip 3 back to the left tip and pass 2 over it. Slip it back to the right needle and pass 5 over it. Again, slip it back and pass 1 over it.

You’ll now have 1 stitch left.

Ingrid, things always make so much sense when you explain them.

That makes so much sense now. Thank you! Hurray! Now I can (hopefully) finish this in time to wear to DH’s birthday party tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!:muah: