Decrease for the insert for sleeve

Hello there. I am at the point of starting shaping for sleeve insert. It says cast off 6 stitches at start of the next two rows. Should I knit 2 together cast off or knit one pass one over? It’s a sort of dropped shoulder where the sleeves look as though they are sort of attached into the seam - rather than raglan shaped. So it doesn’t need to have a pretty seam. Thanks. Linda

K2tog is a decrease. They want you to actually bind off (cast off) so do the basic knit one, pass one over as you said. :thumbsup:

You can’t do k2tog 6 times at an edge, it would be too bunched up. So Bind off 6 sts instead. This shapes the underam.

You probably can’t even see the seam at the underarm that usee the bind off of 6 sts but that’s definitely the way to go.

Thanks Jan - I understand that now. (It still amazes me that I sit here knitting in the UK and can have instant help from someone in the USA! A world-wide community of knitters, its wonderful! :slight_smile: