Decrease for hood of baby jacket

Hi there. My pattern says “…you will now have 39st. Work three rows in pattern” Then… "Work 28 rows dec 1 st at the shaped edge in the 1st and every following 4th row. You will now have 32st."
Does this mean the first then three rows later dec again (ie the forth row) or the first then knit four rows (dec at the end of this forth row and not including the first row in the “four”. Is the forth row including the 1st row, or does the row counting go back to nought after the 1st row so that you knit three then decrease on the fourth? Also, I make it that I will have finished my decreasing on row 24 with still 4 rows [of no decreasing to do]. Thanks Linda.

Work 3 rows and decrease on the 4th. If you call the first decrease row, row 0 then the decreases are on rows 0,4,8,12,16,20,24 and yes, there would then be 4 rows to work without any decreases.