Decrease for crown of hat

Hi - I am new to this & need help with my knitting.

I need to decrease this pattern for a hat but the end result of the
stitches have to be in multiples of 6’s7 still retain the pattern.

How do I decrease the stitches evenly and yet still maintain a multiple of 6’s?

My pattern goes like this:

Rd 1: *P1,K5 rep from *
Rd 2: *P2, K3, P1 rep from *
Rd 3: *P3, K1, P2 rep from *
Rd 4: *K3, P1, K2 rep from *
Rd 5: *K2, P3, K1 rep from *
Rd 6: *K1, P5 rep from *

I have 108 sts now & need to decrease enough stitches to do the crown of a hat.

Thanks for any help you can give. :grphug:

It’s tough to be specific on how to decrease in pattern, since you will lose the pattern as you decrease. There are a few options, though.
You could just start in stockinette and decrease from there.
Or you could decrease in every other pattern set until they are wiped out and then decrease in the rest. So, for example, you could work the first 6, decrease in the next 6 by working stitches 3 and 4 together all the way around. On the next decrease round, you’d decrease in the center 2 stitches again on every other set. Usually you work a row even between decreases, so you’d have to play with it and see what looks best.
I wish I could be more specific, but decreasing the tops of hats and trying to keep the pattern isn’t easy.

You could dec on the odd rounds in the purl rib, p2tog. They show up less on purl than knit. Round 1 could be p2, tog, k4 for instance (or maybe p1, k4, p2tog would be better, actually).