Decrease every other row?

What does it exactly mean by decease at each end everyother Row?

You’ll decrease at the end of one row (usually the right-side row) and then work one row even.

If you’re working stockinette, it’s easy to remember because you’d decrease on the knit side and work the purl side without any decreases.

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Each end Ingrid!!

Dec at the beginning and end of every RS row is usually what patterns mean by this.

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Oops, that’s what I meant–work the decrease[B]s [/B]at each end.

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I’m knitting a neck edge (left side front for a vest) in garter stitch What does Dec 1 stitch at neck edge every other row 7 times mean?

What is the name of your pattern and designer?
Sometimes it helps to mark the neck edge just to be sure. With the RS (right side) or public side of the vest facing you, it should be the end of the row for the left front.
Decrease at the end of the row on rows 1,3,5,7,9,11 and 13. You can decrease a stitch in from the end if you like.

The pattern is “simple spring swing cardigan” by Jodi Snyder.
I’m working on left front and up to shape neck. The part " every other row" is confusing me but you have answered my question in your reply.
Could you also explain the next step…work until piece measures same length as back to shoulders?
Thank you.

Very pretty!
Measure the back at the armhone edge straight up from the cast on to the shoulde bind off. You want that same measurement at the front from hem to shoulder. Then having completed a WS row, bind off.
That way, the front and back will be the same length.

Thank you so much salmonmac. Your explanations make so much sense.

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Glad you’re on your way!

Hi salmonmac
Using the same pattern …Back…last instruction says “mark centre 32 stitches for back neck. Bind off.”
What does this mean? I have 104 stitches on my needle.
Thank you.

Mark the center 32sts (a removable marker or waste yarn on either side of these stitches). Then work the bind off across all sts. When it comes to seaming the sweater at the end, the center 32sts will be left unseamed while the sts on either side are seamed to the fronts. Those center 32sts will form the back of the neck.
Check under Finishing toward the end of the pattern and see if it mentions the center back sts again.

Thank goodness I checked with you as I was going to leave those 32 stitches on a stitch holder!!
Under Finishing, it just says sew shoulder seams. Doesn’t mention centre back stitches.
This is supposed to be an “easy” pattern but I’m having trouble understanding the instructions.
Thanks again for your help.

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Putting the 32 on a holder would have been ok. You could always bind them off later but this is a neater way to accomplish the same. Good luck with the sweater and enjoy working the remainder!