Decrease evenly question for sun hat

I am making the Debbie Bliss child sun hat and I have 94 stitches to a row. I have worked in stockinette 3 1/2 inches. Now it says to dec 3 sts evenly across last row (a purl row). Would I divide the 94 by 3 and decrease one stitch every 33 stitches? If so, which decrease method would look best. :knitting:

:thumbsup: Yep your right…you would divide it that way…now for the best decrease I’m not sure…I always do k2tog when it doesn’t tell me otherwise and I’m not really sure why :teehee:

You can do a lot of counting on that decrease, but I wouldn’t. Just eye ball it and decrease in three places thinking about them being equal distance apart. That will be close enough. Since it is on a purl row you would probably just purl 2 tog for the dec.

:wall: I missed purl row…yep I’d p2tog :thumbsup:

94 divides by 3 31 times, plus 1, so it would work out better if you p29, p2tog. You have to account for working 2 together.