Decrease evenly across row

I’m sure this is a very beginner question, but I’m just not sure what to do… any ideas are appreciated!

I’ve just started a sweater that has P2, K3 / K2, P3 ribbing at the bottom (it’s knit flat - in pieces), and then it says to “rep last 2 rows 5 times more, ending with a purl row and dec 2 evenly accross last row.”

My question is how to decrease evenly… obviously it’s only 2 decreases, but where should I place them? In the middle or on each far side or a quarter way in on each side? So many options - I don’t know which is right! :zombie:

Also when they say to end with a purl row, does that mean that the decrease row is all purls instead of the K2, P3 that it would otherwise be?

I would just do one at each end. They were probably there to keep the ribbing even, and now are not needed for the rest of the pattern.

Where it says to end on a purl row, I’d read that to mean a WS row.

Thank you!!! I had a feeling I was making it way too hard. :slight_smile: