Decrease chart

I am not sure how to work a decrease chart .Where do I decrease??I am adding a link to the pattern I am using.Thanks in advance.

Well, the first chart had 24 stitches (repeated 5 times for the 120) so this chart shows 24 too but you’ll notice that stitches at each side start disappearing into the black at each side. If a stitch disappears that is where you decrease.

I notice she doesn’t say how to decrease you may want a left slanting decrease at the beginning of the motif and a right slanting decrease at the end of the chart. Read all rounds right to left.
Rnd one begins with a decrease and that is the only decrease in that rnd. So repeat that the 5 times around. I think they want you to get down to an uneven number and then all other decreases are done on each side of the motif. I think all the decreases are worked in the dark color.

Rnd 2 decreases at each end of the motif. You can count how many stitches are left after the decreases are made by counting the cranberry and off white symbols on the chart. After rnd 2 you have 21.

Rnd 3 decreases at each end. You’ll end up with 19 in each section.

Row 4 you’ll notice is even with row 3, no decrease is made in this row so stitch count stays at 19.

Row 5 decreases at each side again. 17 sts in each section

Just keep reading the chart that way.

Thank you,that is what I thought but I wasn’t positive.:muah:

You’re welcome.