Decrease before grafting toes

Hey everyone! I’m knitting a sock, and I’m ready to begin decreasing to shape the toes. I made one pair of socks before, but I just decreased until I had 8 stitches remaining, then pulled the yarn through the remaining to close it. I’m going to try and graft these toes, but I’m not sure how many stitches I should decrease to before grafting. Do I decrease all the way to eight, or should I leave more?

Edit: Okay, I looked at Silver’s tutorial and though it doesn’t list socks with my stitch count exactly, I’m thinking about 20 stitches left is when I should graft. However, I’m just sort of guessing. What do you guys think?

Total 20 stitches, 10 for top/10 for bottom is what I genrally do.


I’ve done both 14 and 16, because I don’t like my toes squished.

A pattern is merely a suggestion. Or at least that’s the rumor I’ve been told and live by. :happydancing:

you will love grafting, once you get it down. i’ve gotten it perfected to where i don’t pull the stitch too tight or too loose. it just blends beautifully and is totally seamless. :heart:

It depends on gauge but if memory serves it is often 8. However I would say start grafting whenever you decide the toe is the correct roundness for you, and several rows shorter or longer is unlikely to change the fit. here’s a good resource. i would recommend that you practise on a swatch first if the explanations don’t immediately make sense. Check out other directions online as well, sometimes an explanation is perfectly good but won’t quite click for no good reason.