Decrease at end of scarf from knitty pattern

I am at the end of the version one of this scarf and starting the decrease rows. Section 3 states: [I]Row1: BO 2 sts in pattern< work to end in patt as set Row 2: Work in pattern as set to last 2 sts, k2tog Repeat these 2 rows 11 more times [/I] I get the BO and k2tog, but it is the pattern as set. I asked a fellow knitter and she said just read stitches and do the bo or k2tog. 1st failed attempt. 2nd. I tried working the decrease rows backwards at row 24(due to the knit row 1 and 2 one time(=2), and then 11 more times(=22) which equals 24 rows. Tried these twice, fail two more times.

I think it must mean work the 8 row pattern in section 2, bo on odd rows at beginning and k2tog on even rows for a total pattern repeat of 3 times which would equal the 24. The trick is to still get the cables in the angled end decrease. I didn’t want a 4th failed attempt so I thought I would ask for helppppp ! Thanks, Valerie in PTC,GA

The ‘pattern as set’ is how the sts have been established. This is a cable pattern, so except for the rows you cross the sts, it’s a lot like ribbing. Knit the knit sts and purl the purls and you keep in the pattern. You do keep to the 8 row pattern, where ever you are in it when you start the BO and decs, don’t start over again at row 1 when you do those. You may have to skip the cable at the slanted edge if you don’t have enough sts to make it cross; just keep the sts in stockinette.

thanks, sue that is what I thought. Best, Val