Decrease 2x2 rib


I have been trying to figure out how to decrease a 2x2 rib hat with left and right leaning decrease, however I want to end up with 14 central stitches. Can someone help please.


Are you following a pattern and can you tell us the name?
You want to end with 14sts total? How many sts are you starting with?


Its actually a pattern that am trying to create myself. Am starting with a CO of 80 using a US 10 circular needle. The pattern is K2 P2 until the desired length. I then divide the sections. 13, then central stitches of 14, 13, 14 central stitches then 13. I follow the pattern until the marker but I don’t know how to get a left and right slanting decrease without decreasing the central stitches.


So you want to decrease from 80sts to 67sts or are there more sts than the 13 [14,13,14] 13 that you mentioned in your post?
Is there a reason for not decreasing in the center sts?
Can you place all the decreases outside of the central sts? Alternatively, can you begin the ribbing with fewer sts but work on a smaller needle or change to a smaller needle on the hat body? That way there would be fewer sts to decrease.
Or am I not understanding the design?


I want to decrease down to the central stitches which would be 28 remaining. I want to decrease outside of the central stitches. Ssk and K2 tog but am not to sure how to go about it. I have attempted it several times and but no success.


OK, here’s one way to work it for the section of the hat with decreases. You may not want to decrease so quickly across the row so you could change the decreases to every 8 or whatever you wish. The decreases start at 3:00 min.

Trying and ripping out is all part of the design process. Have you looked at other 2x2 ribbed hat patterns to see if there’s any help there?


Thank you so much for your help! I have found a couple videos on YouTube and the one you recommended helped alot!