decrease 1 stitch every 5 rows 3 times

How is this done? Am I decreasing 1 st over a total of 15 rows? I am trying to decrease from 26 sts to 23 sts over 19 rows. Please help.

According to what you wrote you woould dec row 1, 6 and 11

Is it decrease 3sts (from 26 to 23) over 15 rows or over 19 rows?
What pattern are you following?

Decrease 3 sts over 19 rows. Writing a new handwarmer pattern.

You could decrease on row 1 and then every 9th row twice. Decrease on rows 1,10 and 19.
Is that what you were thinking?

*Top Down *Hand warmer
(#5 weight yarn / US 9 needles)
Measurements: Hand width = 8", length from Hand to wrist = 4", wrist width
= 7", length from wrist to upper forearm = 6".
Gauge: 3.25 sts = 1" and 4.75 rows = 1"

CO 26 sts (8")
Knit 5 rows Garter ST.
(decrease 3 sts over 4" (19 rows?) to get to wrist measurement of 7".
Stockinette ST for 6 rows.
Increase 4 sts over 6" (24 rows?)
To end with last row (of 36 sts at upper forearm.

I am lost when it comes to decrease and increase evenly over X number of
rows. I want these hand warmers to have a snug fit. Most pattern have you
knit a rectangle and then sew up the edges. Can you help??

Xaja Mykil

It seems to me that after the dec of 3 sts you have 23sts at the wrist. You want to increase to 36sts at the upper arm and that’s over 6 inches. Six inches is about 29 rows at 4.75 rows/inch.
So 13sts increased over 29rows. If you increase 2sts/ per increase row, one increase on either side of a center marker, that would be increases every 4 rows on rows 1,5,9,13,17,21,and 25. If you want you could increase the number of rows between increases toward the end (1,5,9,13,17,23,29).
Ultimately, you’re going to have to knit this and see how it works in practice.

Thank you so much. I had been using several knit calculators from one website and was getting very confused. While am very appreciative of the people who run theses web pages, shouldn’t they remember that the people looking for help are just beginning to understand knitting terms. Have a great day and keep those needles clacking.

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