Decorative trim on a scarf?

I am a very new beginner. I am working on a chunky scarf right now and I’ve been looking through some pictures of other scarves. I noticed that most of them have the finishing on the sides like in the attached picture. It just looks like a simple cleaner line on the side.
My scarf’s sides don’t look like that so I’m assumed that it’s some kind of special finishing. I would like to have that look so I’m wondering how would I go about learning some more about that process.

That just looks like a regular BO done in the k1 p1 pattern. It makes the chain of the BO lie more directly on the edge rather than laying to the back or front like you get with an all knit or all purl BO.

Hmm, just reread your post and looked at the picture again. If that’s the side edge, then it’s a slip stitch chain edge which you do as you knit.

I’d suggest going to and joining (free) if you haven’t already. You can then search for a pattern you like based on skill level. Here’s a link to get you started, you can refine the parameters of your search some more. When you find one that you think you want to try, post a link here and ask what you need to in order to decide if you want to try that one or find another, or how to get started. That looks like a pretty simple stitch pattern and should give you few problems once you find something similar.

Happy knitting!

Thanks guys!
I was kind of winging this scarf because it’s only the second thing I’ve ever made. I’ll be sure to use a pattern next time though.

Nothing wrong with winging it. Your question was a good one.
Post a picture if you’d like when you finish the scarf.

I just now realized I misread your original post. duh. I’m sorry. Yeah, winging it is good! I hope we get to see it.

Hey guys, I have a couple of other questions.
As I was going on with my 2nd skein of yarn I noticed the weird bumps pictured. Hopefully you know what I’m talking about, they are kinda fuzzy. It was like two ends had been tied together or something. What are these and what should I do about them?

Also, I’ve not tried to weave in the ends on anything yet. Should I do anything differently because the yarn is pretty bulky?


Looks like garter stitch or garter ridges. What stitch are you doing?

If you think the bulky would show when weaving in the ends you can split it and weave in one end one way and the other end the other or on a couple rows.

I looks llike two ends of yarn tied together. It’s annoying but not uncommon. When I come to these knots, I cut them out and overlap the yarn ends for about 3-4 inches, knit the next stitch with two strands held together and then weave in the ends later. Jan’s idea of splitting the yarn into two strands and weaving them in separately is a good one. It’ll hide the bulk.
Absolutely yummy color yarn!

Thanks guys!

I’ll definitely be splitting to weave in the ends.

Yeah, I will remember to cut these off next time because they are kind of visible. For the second scarf I’ve ever made I think I’ll be okay with them though haha.

I love the yellow! I saw the yarn at walmart and I bought like 5 skeins of it.

I saw that knot, but didn’t realize what you meant I guess. :teehee:

I cut them out, too. I’m always afraid it will pop through the front of the work

No problem with that!
Thanks for your help.

It may have been a knot tied at the factory in skeining up the yarn. Usually people cut them out and join in another way. I test them - if they slip a little I’ll cut and reknot (because my knots don’t come undone and I anchor them so they don’t move), if they don’t, I leave them. I don’t like knitting the ends overlapped, I think it’s too bulky, even with thinner yarn and a loose gauge.

:thumbsup: That looks better than great! You seem to be doing fine job of keeping even tension. What kind of yarn is it? The yellow is very cheerful, nice in the winter.