Decor opinions needed


I am in need of some suggestions to jazz up my kitchen.

We are probably moving in under a year so I need something that is easy to move.

I have 2 windows which only have blinds - thinking of knitting something for the windows but am at a loss for ideas

I was also thinking of making slip covers for the chairs

so there is my kitchen… what would you do to jazz it up?

My first thought would be to paint the cabinets gloss white and put new pulls on them…but you might not want to go to the trouble if you’re moving soon.

I agree slip covers would make a difference. I’d also suggest de-cluttering a bit, especially on the fridge – alley kitchens are difficult, as even a few extra items can make them feel rather claustrophic…and refrigerators are especially problematic in alley kitchens, as they’re usually the biggest things in them.

A quilt or hanging on the wall instead of the pic would be nice, and you could do matching pot holders and toweling.

The bright teal on the walls (at least, it shows bright teal on my screen) is very 50’s/40’s…you could do a few touches of really fun retro stuff with that color combo! (Think roller skating waitresses in diners sort of thing!) The white looks fab with that color, so I’d stick with those two with a few tiny accents in a blue-based red.

Just one take, I’m sure others will have some ideas too!

ETA: cute dogs!

we were going to redo the cabinets, but yea, with moving, its not worth the work

e the clutter on the fridge but i cant bring myself to take it down! haha

yes, it is teal

thanks, i love my boys