Decoding symbols in the forum

OK…I’ve been trying to figure out what the little envelope to left of the topic subjects mean. I finally figured out that when it is white there are no new messages and when it is yellow there are new messages. But what does it mean when it wiggles? :??


actually if you are in the forum so that you are looking at all the threads (not in the lobby and not actually in a thread) and then scroll all the way down to the bottom the key is down there. The wiggly ones are popular threads according to that. :thumbsup:

Now why didn’t I notice that… I looked everywhere trying to find a legend. :oops: Thank you so much!


lol I don’t usually scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page so I know it was a while before I found it too, and even this morning I had to try to remember where it was when I read your question! :muah:

All the icons are white for me, even next to the topics I have never looked at and which are at the top of the page, so have new posts - but only white! Does anyone know what causes this?


It could be that you were not logged in when you looked at them. Also, when you close your window, and then open it up again, it turns all the little flags white, as if you read them.