Deco Elongated pattern Scarf on webpage

Wow am I having a hard time following a basic pattern. I seen this pattern and liked it for starting to learn k P…I dont seem to establish a P so well… but I wanted to adapt the pattern to have k2 along the edge so I got a frame around the scarf. I really didnt follow the pattern, but just wanted to get this block effect.

So I took out all 20 something rows cause it was not working and decided to follow this pattern… but I dont understand it says to

odd rows: k3, k5, p5, k5, k3
even rows: k3, p5, k5, p5, k3

Being new… I just dont understand why I am not knitting 8 for the knit 3 and then knit 5? What and I missing?

Thank you

You are actually, but 3 sts are the border edge, the k5, p5, k5 is the pattern repeat. If you wanted to make it twice as wide, you’d keep going p5, k5, and end p5, k3.

You can count it as k8, p5, k8 if you like.

Ah thanks… so simple that was I dont know why I am making this all so complicated.