Deciphering U.K. Increase

Hello all, I’m new to knitting. I don’t fully understand the increase as shown in the picture. Am I following the increase 7x every 6th row? And then 2 times in the 8th row? Thank you for the help!

Welcome to the forum!
Increase at each end on row 1,7,13,19,25,31 and 37, That’s every 6th row 7x. Then on rows 45 and 53. That’s every 8th row 2x.

Thank you for the clarification! That’s what I thought but wanted to verify.

I feel it would be better if patterns were written as you have described! However, that would apply to only one size, and patterns need to be written to accommodate ALL sizes – and in a very limited space as well.
It does take some experience to “translate” these patterns, but you will eventually get it!! Don’t give up. And remember that you can always ask at your LYS.