Deciphering this pattern remark?

I’ve just started the DROPS Wrist Warmers (

and I am a bit confused about this statement (I’m confused about the sentence in bold, but thought I should put it in context):

Right wrist warmer:
Cast on 40-48 sts on double pointed needle size 3 mm with light grey. Knit 10 cm Rib, K2/P2. Change to double pointed needles size 4 mm and knit 1 round, at the same time for size S/M inc 1 st = 41 sts.
Now continue in M.1. [B]After 2 rounds of M.1 insert a marker at the beg of round and make dec for thumb as follows[/B]:

M1 is the fair isle pattern. I’m confused by what they mean when they say, “after 2 rounds” do they mean 2 repeats of the pattern?

when you look at the photograph in the link, it’s clearly not 2 [B]rows[/B], so I was just wondering if one of you wonderfully clever knitters might be have a better idea than me as to what they’re wanting me to do!

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

… I think they DO mean to ‘rows’ (if I were working in the flat)

am I right? (or amirite?!):happydance:

If you’re going to work it flat, yes, it’s rows. But the mitts are worked in the round, not flat. So you go all around the needle from the beginning marker and back. That takes as many repeats as it takes, which if you have 48 sts, is 3 repeats of the 16 st pattern.

thanks. I’m altering the pattern to have my own fair isle design so I’m just wondering how it will turn out when they say ‘just incorporate the increase stitches into the pattern’, lol! I guess I’ll just knit away and see what happens!

good to know I DID understand, just me over analysing I think!