Deciphering these instructions

Can anyone help me understand these instructions?
[B]" With RS facing, pick up the 11 sts from the Right Front stitch holder (do not knit them), reattach the yarn (what does that mean? ) and pick up and knit 10 sts up the neck edge, 16 sts across the back neck, 10 sts down the left neck edge and 11 sts from the left front st holder"[/B]

OK…so I transfered the first 11 sts to my needle, then I picked up the 10,16,10 sts and transferred the remaining 11 sts from the stitch holder. But how do I then knit the row that the instructions say to knit?? There is no working yarn for the stitches that I transferred from the stitch holder?? Can someone explain what I have to do??? Thanks so much everyone! :eyes:

I think I covered this in your other post, but I’ll reiterate here.

Slip the stitches from your first stitch holder onto your right needle. Then the pattern says to ‘reattach yarn’, so you’ll use a new strand to start picking up the stitches from this point, and knit the final stitches from the second stitch holder. Then you can knit back all the way.