Deciphering Sleeve Pattern

The pattern says:

Cast on 45 sts, works 20 rows in g-st.
1st row knit
2nd row purl
3rd and 4th same as 1st and 2nd
5th row inc in 1st st knit to last 2 sts, inc in next st, k1. 47 stitches.
From 1st to 6th sets patt. Keep continuity of patt as set (throughout) inc 1 st at each end of 7th and every foll 8th row to 63 sts .

My interpretation is to knit 20 rows. Then following the pattern I increase 2 stitches on row 25. At this point I have 47 sts. The next rows where I increase 2 stitches each time, are row nos. 33, 41, 49, 57, 65, 73, 81, 89. At row 89 I have 63 stitches.

However, having done this, my sleeve is far too long.

Could someone tell me where I have gone wrong with my interpretation of the pattern?

Many thanks

Can you please provide a link to the pattern and the name of it that you are doing? It will help us to be able to help you out better.

It is a Baby double knit ukhka 12.

That’s how I would figure it, too.
It may be that your row gauge is off or it may be a mistake in the pattern.
Figure out how long the sleeve should be and calculate how frequently you need to increase at your row gauge.
How much too long is the sleeve? Are you using the same weight yarn as the pattern recommendation?
I don’t see any errata listed for that pattern.

It also says to continue knitting the pattern without increase until it measures 9.5 inches from top of g-st cuff.

Do I measure the whole think with the cuff folded back i.e. just the lenth of the pattern section (in which case I’m an inch short) or do I measure the whole sleeve including g-st?


Measure from where you stopped garter stitch and began the pattern section.
Such a cute pattern!

Thanks - it is my first time knitting from a pattern so going cautiously.

Perhaps I am doing it correctly then! Will keep going and hope for the best. Thanks very much for your help.

You’re right to go carefully. The more of these patterns you do, the easier it gets.
Post a photo!. We’d love to see the finished sweater.