Deciphering pattern help (decreases)

I’m having a hard time understanding what the pattern I’m working on is asking me to do. I am making a cardigan and these are the instructions for my knitting pattern. It says to bind off a couple of times, but it can’t actually mean that because I’m pretty sure it will create to many pointed edges. Am I overthinking my this? Should I just trust the pattern? The part of the pattern that I am confused about is the shaping of the back neck and shoulders. image|900x1200

The pattern looks like some of the bind offs are for the arm hole shaping and some for the neck shaping.
If it was me I’d trust the pattern, perhaps put in a life line before you begin this section so that if you don’t like the result it is easier to pull it out without unravelling the section you have already done.
Are you familiar with the life line?

I like to put one in if I’m not sure about the next part of my pattern. I usually out mine in by threading spare yarn through the active stitches in the needle so I can go back to that row.

The bind offs make a stepped shape which will probably be hidden in the seams.
If it’s the first cardigan you’ve done you might want to just go ahead with the pattern. Otherwise there is a technique to make the edges smoother if you wanted to try that, there are a number of video tutorials for a sloped bind off if you want to try it out
Here’s one

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! I think I’ve decided I’m going to just trust the pattern and I can use a lifeline if I do not like the results.

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