Deciphering older pattern

Hello! I am trying to knit a Bolero jacket from a website called Vintage Purls and I am having a hard time deciphering what to do.

I am working on the back of the Bolero. It has you go through a repeating pattern where you make these little clusters of 3 knots, the pattern is 16 rows long and includes some increases. Later on it says to continue in the pattern but add an increase at the end of every 4th row. When you reach a total of 93 stitches (not long because I was at 87 already before adding the extra increase every 4 rows) then it says to "Continue without shaping until 3 1/2 patts. (56) rows have been worked from top of border.

Now my question is, when it says “Continue without shaping” does it want me to stop adding the increases it just had me add to the repeating pattern? Or does it want me to remove increases altogether even though they are in the repeating pattern?

The pattern is posted here (6th one down):

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I read it as to continue without the [I]extra[/I] increases on the 4th rows.:think:

Thanks for the input and the quick reply! Yea I’ll try just removing the extra stitches every 4th row. It seemed wierd to omit them from the repeating part of the pattern.

Maybe I’m wrong, in which case this will be for my benefit if I ever get a pattern like this, but the stitches you’ve added are incorporated into the pattern.

To “Continue without shaping until 3 1/2 patts. (56) rows have been worked from top of border” would just mean that you don’t ADD increases to each 4th row, just work with what you have.

That’s just the way I see it though…

Wow, I can’t believe they were so ambiguous with the wording. Thanks for the suggestions though! :cheering: