Deciphering a chart

[SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi everyone! (wooo) Had to blow off the dust on my knitting needles! I haven’t knitted in awhile but have recently started up again. I’m having problems figuring out the chart for a pattern and I’m hoping someone can help me out. I tried searching “How to read charts” on the forum, but I guess my question is more specific to the pattern. Here’s a link to the pattern.

Here’s the chart:

And these are the instructions for the body:

[B]Work Chevron Pattern[/B]: Beg with st 7 (6, 3, 10) of Chart A,
then rep the 10 sts of Chart A 4 (4, 4, 5) times, work Chart B, rep
the 10 sts of Chart C 4 (4, 4, 5) times, end with first 4 (5, 8, 1) st of Chart C. Continue working in pattern until piece measures 22½" (22½", 23", 23½"), ending with a RS row.
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Here are my concerns-
For me, I’m starting on stitch 3 of Chart A (reading from right to left). I repeat the 10 sts of Chart A 4 times, then Chart B once, then Chart C 4 times, ending with the first 8 sts of Chart C.
So when I start my second row, I start on Chart C, right? Do I start with that very first stitch or do I have to start on stitch 3 (now reading left to right) because I ended with the first 8 sts? :?? I think I’ve just confused myself…Also, when I’m on row 3, starting on Chart A again, do I still start on stitch 3? Or do I start at the very first step?? Clear as mud? :whoosh:

Thanks for your help…I’m only on row 3 now but I don’t want to go any further!

You’ve got it right. On row 2, you’ll start with stitch 3 of C and end with stitch 8 of Chart A.

When you start the next row, again start with A3 and end with C8.

You’re the best!! Thank you, Ingrid!

Can some please give me step by step for the chevron pattern, i a beginner and cannot read the chart

Read the chart beginning at the lower right. The odd rows read across from right to left. The open squares are knit sts and the dashed squares are purl sts. For the even rows, read across from left to right and here the open squares are purl sts and the dashed squares are knit sts.
The first row (an odd row) of chart A is k5, p5 and then repeat this sequence for however many times are needed for your size (4 or 5 times). Continue with charts B and C to the end of the row. Start row 2 at the left in chart C and continue over the charts to the right side of Chart A.
It’s a very pretty progression and if you check your sts after a few sts and at the end of every row you’ll see whether you’re getting the correct pattern before you’ve gone too far.