December Knits

Well, its been a busy month for me!! I got a bunch of gifts out of the way and thought that I would share them.

Fish blanket for my brother’s cat Zoey.

It took me 5 hours to sew that thing together hehe!!

Clogs (unfelted) for my friend Rowan’s Mommy

Stocking for my hubby’s friend’s son (can you believe that the kid is 2 years old and didn’t own one?!!)

Tree of Life felted bag for Dirty Santa Party

I’m really proud of it!! Never could sew really well :slight_smile:

WOW ! You have been busy.
Everything is so beautiful . And the detail is amazing :slight_smile:

Nice job on all of them. Keep up the good work!

:happydance: Everything looks great!!!

I love everything but that fish blanket is just too cute. Great job on all.

Everything looks great. All very thoughtful gifts.

I’m sure that the kitty will like the fish blankie… and everything else looks good.

I love the purse and that must be one special cat to have a hand knitted blanket of his own!!

beautiful:cheering: I love the tree…is it felt pieces?
Also, would love to see the clogs when you felt them!

The tree was a tricky thing to do lol! I was looking at bags on ebay and found one that I liked. It was quilted though.

I copied the picture and then cropped it.

And then I resized it and printed it out twice. I then cut the tree out and traced it onto a cardboard box (I think I used a poptarts box). I then traced 1 leaf and used the other copy as a guide on where to place the leaves. I then traced the tree onto pieces of felt (those quarter ones that you can get at Wal-Mart) and did the same thing with the leaves.
Then I sewed it all together onto the bag BEFORE I added the lining, so that the lining hid all of my stitches. It took me a whole day to sew all of those parts on, but I am VERY VERY happy with the outcome.

The clogs are a present for my friend’s mom. She has a 9 1/2 size foot where as I only have a size 7 foot. So, after Christmas her Mom is gonna felt her own clogs. I’ll tell Rowan to take a picture of them once they are done!! I’m excited to see the outcome too!! Rowan picked out the colors and I wasn’t too keen on them when I ordered the yarn, but after seeing the two colors knitted together I think they look SUPER FAB!!

Wow!! LOTS of work!! All your projects look fabulous! Love how you did the tree thing!

Nice work! You’ve been really busy. I’m sure everyone will love their handmade gifts!