December 23, 2005

[size=6][color=green]HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!! [/color][/size]


One of our morning news casters wished everyone a “Happy Christmas Adam” (think about it.)


I’ll chock it up to being early. It’s “Christmas Adam” because it comes right before “Christmas Eve.” (groan)

That man needs to be slapped! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t watch that station often because of his bad humor. He’s very naive, also, about when he has made a derogatory comment about a group of people unlike himself. I don’t think he is purposefully harmful, he just doesn’t think.

I forgive ignorance, but there’s NO EXCUSE for bad humor!!! :rofling:

blaming it on the early hour is generally good but it coulda been midnight-thirty and i still wouldn’t have gotten that one…i even googled it and nothing jumped out at me…so it left me wondering who the heck Adam was! (and i even thought of THAT Adam and still didn’t get it!)


Morning everyone! Happy Holidays!

I thought of that Adam too, but didn’t get it either. Too early or a bad joke, LOL!

Today is the hubby’s birthday, so he’s taking a Sabbatical and doing ‘absolutely nothing, not even the dishes’ today. I bought him a great gift and I have to be sure it’s NEVER wrapped in Christmas paper or even looks remotely like anything other than a birthday present.

I joined Secret Pal 7 yesterday, so maybe I’ll see some of you there in the next few months!


Hey Melaine. Hope you’ll enjoy sp7…it was fun last round!

I just joined SP7 too! It looked like so much fun last time, but I totally missed the deadline to sign-up. So this time, I’m ready!! Can’t wait to spoil someone!

my brother and I are sorry dorks. when we were little we came up with: today is Christmas Eve Eve Day, then tonight is Christmas Eve Eve Night.
tomorrow is Christmas Eve Day, then Christmas Eve Night, Christmas Day Day, Christmas Day Night, Half Price Day, Half Price Night, then umm, I guess… the 27th.