December 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?

If you’re in the northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to pull out those cozy sweaters, hats and scarves. Not too late to start knitting some items for the coming winter in the north or in the Southern Hemisphere. Let’s see your projects!

As a treat, try the Drops Christmas Calendar. It’s filled with knit and crochet projects.

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Thanks very much salmonmac👍
This link is a keeper!! Lol

Looks like fun…but I have a habit of collecting patterns and not getting to them forever. I just finished an amigurumi dragon for my grandson’s 4th birthday and am plotting to do a small alien and spaceship for Christmas. The plot involves converting from straight to dpns since I feel more comfortable with them. I’ll post a picture when I finish.

I’ve finished some Christmas gifts.
Stranded colorwork hats by Thea Colman.

For my Mom, daughter, and granddaughter!

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And another pattern of Thea Colman 's, Appleseed coaster turned into a catnip toy for my sister’s kitty😻

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I’ve done several copycat hats for Christmas.


I also just completed this hat to match the mittens for myself. It features a peasant thumb. I call this the thermal stitch. It resembles the weave in long underwear and creates air pockets. This was knitted in worsted weight Lamb’s Pride wool.


Beautiful stranded work, Karyn_Croll. So nicely done.

More gorgeous hats and a lovely hat and mittens set, FOLinPJs.

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