December 2017 What'cha Knitting?

Yes ma’am, I’ll post the links, need to find them again…

They are beautiful. I am in awe of sock knitters. I knit one once…just wasn’t for me.

Kathi they are too cute!!

So pretty Jan!

Oh Metylda. Literally jaw dropping!
You are so skilled, and so fast!

It’s blocking!

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Thank you, you’re very kind. I’ve only really been sock knitting this last year. I also tried it once before, a couple of years ago, with a plain vanilla pattern. Didn’t work for me then - not enough going on to keep me interested !! I think it was last Feb I joined a sock mkal and BINGO!! first pair of usable socks completed :smile:

Wow, really beautiful work. This is going to be fabulous!



That is beautiful!!!

Fabulous :star_struck:

So well done! Wonderful work and lovely color, kittyknit. Enjoy every minute of wearing this cardigan.