December 2017 What'cha Knitting?

Perfect, Jan! It’s a lovely addition to the decorations.

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Ooh, beautiful. I love the colours!

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Beautiful, looks nice on the tree

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I’ve been wanting to make some Christmas ornaments this year, and this “sweater” is perfect! It is something I can do, and is so very unique! I love this idea! Thanks!

I am making a sweater “Wandering Cables”


Lovely sweater!

Ok, it’s not knitting. But I had to share this wreath that I made.

The most hilarious thing was seeing what my boys were up to and finding this…


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Fabulous! It’s a great looking wreath and a very flattering hat.
How did you make it?

I used a wire wreath frame and worked SC around each circle. When I got back around to the beginning, I jumped over to the next one until I had covered all 4 circles. I worked back a SC row. Next row was 2 HDC in each stitch. Next row 3 DC in each stitch. Last row of green was 2 DC in each stitch. With white I worked 1 SC in each stitch. My kids commented that it looks like brain ridges.


Yes it does

Socks will be the infusion knitting tomorrow. I’ve slowed way down on the DK cables, my hands are aching.

Sounds clever and creative, Metylda. Aren’t kids a hoot!

Good to vary the projects, Mike and a rest for aching hands is an excellent idea. Hope all goes well.

There’s enough of the hat to know it fits, but it is tight twists, I might need to replace my size 4 needles after it’s done. Last 2 infusions took 2 sticks, I’m thinking about requesting a nurse this time.

Absolutely, If you don’t ask nothing will change. When my children needed blood tests, I always asked for the most experienced nurse.

Infusion nurses are all experienced. 14 rooms, 1-2 people per room, nothing but IVs all day. The one I’d ask for came from the St Jude part so if she had a problem I’d know my veins are going.

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Salmonmac, they’re not really kids anymore. This year they will be 22 and 18. So I’ve been getting free entertainment for a couple of decades now!

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I finished 3 elves and 2 holly pins, and now working on toe up Sox…

Those are adorable. Did you have a pattern for the pin and the elves?

They are so cute