December 2017 What'cha Knitting?

Holiday knitting well in hand? I envy you.
Let us see what you’ve been up to.


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Still got Vasily going. Having to take breaks, twisting every 3 rows is hard on my neck and hands. Blue-purple socks. Started a fun fur blanket to use up some sale yarn and give my hands a break from small needles. And I haven’t forgot about the alpaca hat with pinch/punched squares.

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve been working on these mittens and a cotton blanket for holiday knitting. Next, I am about to take on steeking for the first time: I am a little nervous, but excited, too

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So lovely! You have been busy.
Especially pretty work on the mitten cuffs.

Thank you, salmonmac :slight_smile: I hope your holiday knitting is going well!

Just finished this pair

I frogged the Halloween knitalong pair I was making with this yarn last month, didn’t work for me, but these seem to suit the yarn better.
I have just cast on another cabled sock with the solidsocks group on ravelry called Sweet Potato Pie, a mystery kal and I have a shawl kal (which I forgot I’d joined some months back!!) and a cable cardigan by Novitaknits ( a bit ‘meh’ about both of these)

I’ll be very happy if I just get the new socks finished tbh :smiley:

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I’m out of superlatives. These are such beautiful socks and will be a delight to wear. I hope you or the recipient have shoes that will permit them to shine.

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Thank you Salmonmac. I made them for my husband but he may not like them because they are a bit shorter in the leg than usual, the yarn was underweight by quite a few grams so I didn’t want to risk lengthening!! I’m sure they’ll find a home with someone otherwise :smiley:

Sweet Potato Pie mystery kal clue 1

The front and back have different cable patterns. Wondering how it will continue on?? Will have to wait until Friday!! :flushed:


So far, so stunningly gorgeous. It’s fun for us to see this project as you work out the clues. Thanks for the photo in progress.

Wow, those are sooo beautiful! I’m encouraged to try making cable socks.

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I’ve been making elves, Jangle the elf…


Could not be cuter! Do you have a pattern link or did you make this up yourself?

I found a pattern, it’s Jingles the elf, “Knitting Patterns by Amanda
Berry” I’m looking for the link…

Hey, y’all! Been a long semester…between 7 classes (one of the marching band) and a part time job, I managed to make this. One of the other French horn players has a baby who is now almost a year old. They lost everything back in April to a house fire so I decided to make her baby a blanket. This literally took me the entire semester.

This is actually the second attempt. The first wouldn’t lay flat for anything. So I frogged it and started over.


What a treasure! This is an exquisite heirloom.

I’m simply surprised that it only took a semester given your schedule.

That is beautiful, amazing!

Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, currently I’m knitting on a pair of socks for myself, have one finished and the second is on to the foot (cuff down socks) in hand dyed yarn. Next I’m going to start a scrapy blanket. I have finished a bandana cowl and will be making another one, the first is for a handmade gift exchange at my boyfriend’s family. I’m also planning on making a pair of socks for one of my managers at work and possibly start a few pairs of baby socks for my cousin’s baby. Pictures to come when I have more time to take them.

Good to see you back again, shadowfox118 and looking forward to seeing the projects. You are one busy person.

Just finished this ornament sweater today. Love how it came out! Fingering weight yarn and size zero magic loop. Pattern link below picture.