Dec question

I am knitting the GAAA and have a dec question. At the beginning of the square it has me cast on 48 sts and then increase 24 (in one row) for a total of 72. I did the inc and have finished the square but now I need to dec the 24 sts I originally inc and am wondering if there is a way to do it without having it show too much. The pattern doesn’t call for which dec to do so I’m stuck with k2tog or ssk. Either one of those is going to make that row slant to either side and I don’t want it to look slanted. Is there any way to do a dec on one row to make it look straight?

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I have not made that but you could try a cdd(center double decrease) There is a video of it on the link there… a little way down the page.

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The CDD will make kind of a scallop though. If it does, just use k2tog for the decs instead. That’s kind of the default decrease when making more than 2 across a row. They really don’t show up that much; since you’re not doing several rows of them, there isn’t an obvious slant to them when you’re finished.