Dec on a purl row, Berroco Nantasket free pattern

Hi Friends, I am working on Berroco’s Nantasket

2nd line under [B]Row 2[/B] for the back, it says change to larger needles and purl the next row, dec 22 sts across…then work even in St st… Do they really mean to do the decreases in the purl row? If so, what style decrease would look best?

In the past I have used SSK on the right half and K2tog on the left half of a sweater so the decreases slant toward center, but that was on a knit row.


This cast on requires a long tail cast on. Row 1 says WS (wrong side) so Row 2 would be the RS (right side). I am not good at calculating stitches so I use the below. I hope this helps.

It state row 1 is the wrong side (WS) so Row 2 is the right side. To me it’s written wrong because it says cast on so many stitch and Purl the Row 1 on the RIGHT side.

I am very bad at having to decrease so many stitches so the use the this website:

With smaller needles, cast on 65(71-77-81-87-93) sts.
Purl 1 row on RS.

Ribbing: Row 1 (WS): P1, * k1, p1, rep from * across.

Row 2: K1, * p1, k1, rep from * across. Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 1½” from beg, end on RS. Change to larger needles and p the next row, dec 22(24-28-28-30-32) sts across – 43(47-49-53-57-61) sts. Work even in St st until piece measures 7(7½-8-8½-9-9½)” from beg, end on WS. Work even in Pat St until piece measures 9½(10-10½-11-11½-12)” from beg, end on WS. Mark beg and end of last row for beg of armholes. Work even in Pat St until armholes measure 4½(5-5-5½-5½-6)”, end on WS. Bind off.

Thanks Ninabambam for the decrease evenly site, I could have used that on my last project! I ended up doing it by “eyeballing” and making sure I had the same number of decreases on each side of center, manually placing st markers until the spaces really were even.

But I still don’t know how to decrease on a purl row! Did you read it that way too? Or should I just purl that row all across and decrease on the next row which is a knit row? :??

ETA I got that turned around when I turned the work. P2tog leans right on the RS. I found this.

Great looking sweater!
Yes, you could use p2tog in place of k2tog and p2tog tbl in place of ssk. So p2tog at the beginning of the WS row and p2tog tbl toward the end of the WS row.
Actually, I don’t see that it will make a big difference if you start with a knit row and make the decs there.

Gaa. That pattern was not the best, IMO. I ended up making it in the round and I probably put ribbing on the bottom instead of what it actually called for, so I’m not much help on the pattern reading. I’m with salmonmac that it probably doesn’t make much of a difference as to precisely which row gets the decreasing, so put it on the knit row if you prefer.

If you want a purl decrease? You could do a double - so you’d be decreasing by 2 each time - which means fewer to place and it doesn’t have a slant, so it will look straight up on the correct side. I just used it in a pattern and liked the way it came out. (Although, didn’t have to worry about the slant much since you can’t see the wrong side.)

Double-purl decrease - Slip two stitches knitwise one at a time. Return stitches to left needle and purl three together.