Dec Help Please

Hi All,

I am a bit stuck on a pattern. I am hoping you all might be able to advise me. My instructions say to work even until piece measures 3 1/2", which I have done. Next it says:

Beg on a RS row, dec 1 st by p2tog, p2 before and p2, p2tog after each stitch marker [every 12th row] 1 time (for the size I am working), then [every 10th row] 3 times.

Do I work my first set of decs at 3 1/2" (where I am now) or do I work 12 rows, dec on the 12th row, and then dec every 10th row thereafter?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

If I had to guess, I’d say you’re ready to begin the decreases, but I’d be more sure if I could see the thing in question. Do you have a link to the pattern?

I don’t. It was from a magazine I subscribe to. Ordinarilly I would think I would begin the decs now, but because of the strange way it was written (with some sizes rep the dec 0 or only 1 time) I wasn’t entirely sure.

If this helps… upon calculating the number of sts to be decreased, I should decrease a total of 4 times. This says to me that I should knit 12 rows (dec on the 12th row) and then knit 10 rows (dec on the 10th row) and 10 more rows, etc.

Is this just a poorly written pattern?

Well… perhaps we can find a consensus among the more experienced. those instructions that include zero of something are a little jarring, but I guess they have to have the placeholders.

Begin the decs on the next RS row after you reach 3½", then do them on the 12th row, and every 10th row after that.


The problem with doing that (which is what I would normally do) is that I would be working dec 5 times… now, 12th row, 10th, 10th, and 10th. This is too many decs according to the number of sts I should have remaining after working all decs.

Very possibly. Probably even. At best it’s ambiguous… to me anyway.

I’m assuming that the 3-1/2" dimension is no longer relevant to the discussion when you get to this point? In other words, however many rows went into those 3 1/2" don’t count in the 12?

What I can’t work out for sure is “dec 1 st by p2tog, p2 before and p2, p2tog after each stitch marker”. It says to dec by 1 st, but gives you instructions to decrease by TWO sts. Unless the marker is marking a row, and these two decreases are worked over 3 rows.

I dunno if it’s a badly written pattern, but it sure seems like it could be a better one.

Could you post a few more rows of the pattern or include stitch counts before and after and what comes after the 3 10th row decs?

It is a cardigan knit all in one piece. So there are markers separating the front pieces from the back pieces. So ever dec row has me dec 4 sts… one of each side of each of the two markers.

After working the decs, pattern says to work even for 1 inch and then beg a series of incs.

So this is the shaping for the waist? I should probably just sit quietly now… :slight_smile:

Okay, so maybe you do begin the decs on the 12th row after 3½" then. When you do the incs, are you supposed to have the same stitch number? If so, are there 4 or 5 increase rows?

You only want 4 decrease rows total. Since the instructions say every 12th row, count 12 rows from the 3.5inch mark, decrease and then begin the series of 3 decrease rows spaced every 10th. The directions aren’t as specific as they could be but you could see if this spaces out the decreases and increases so that they fall where you would like them on the sweater.

I think just through discussing it with all of you, I have figured out what to do. Based on the stitch count before and after the decreases, I think I have to work 12 rows and then decrease. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me, even though it is not like a standard set of instructions. LOL.

Thank you all for your help with this. Sometimes it helps just to talk it through, and other people’s idea get me thinking it through more clearly. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Great! Post a photo of the finished sweater if you’d like. We’d love to see it.