Dec every other row, where do you start?

I’m new here and

I searched the forum and figured out the “every other row” part - thanks!

My pattern reads “dec 1 st at each end of every other row 9 times” so do I start the dec on the first row which in this case would be a WS row or do I start the decrease on the second row which is the RS row?

Thanks for your help. I’m glad I found this website!

Peggy L

What type of decrease does your pattern suggest? I generally do them on RS rows because I use a k2tog, ssk combo for things like that.

Most decs are done on the RS rows, just do a WS row then begin them on the next RS row.

The pattern doesn’t specific a type it just says “dec 1 st”. I usually use k2tog to dec so I thought I’d use that and then I found myself on a WS row at that instruction, hence my question about where to start.

I think I’ll dec on a RS row like you suggest.

Thanks a lot for your help.

If you’re pearling a decrease, don’t they usually say “dec by p2 together”? So I’d say start on the RS too.

Good luck. I’m working on decreases right now and they sure are a PITA.