Dec directions

Not sure how to follow these directions:
62 st on needle at end of knit row

work 34 rows dec 1 st at each end of next and every foll alt row 28 st.

Welcome to KH!
You’re to dec at the beginning and at the end of the row. Do this every other row which is rows 2,4,6,8,etc until you’ve worked 34 rows. That’ll be 34 sts decreased and leave you with 28sts,

Thank You so much for getting back so quickly! :slight_smile:

I ended on my K row with the 62
Start dec on P side count every 2nd row on P?

Or you could put all the decreases on the knit rows if that’s easier. Just purl across and then start the decreases. A row here or there usually won’t matter.
What is the pattern you’re using? Can you give us a name or a link?

That seemed to be the logical thought since P is the back of K! Never trust my own logic when it comes to counting and thinking rows!

The pattern is Hayfield Design 7373 Cardies, not sure if that helps.

Adore the Yorkshire patterns, wool and in general British patterns, do find the directions a bit confusing.

The same wording is used for the sleeve, work 46 rows dec 1st at each end of next and every foll alt row.

Oh, really lovely pattern. I find the cables and designs such fun to work.
Yes, same idea for the sleeve, dec at beg and end of row, every other row.
Have fun working the cardigan.

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