Deborah Norville Silky Soft Sock Pattern

Has anyone used this pattern? I’m stuck on turning the heel. I’ve been to the web site and printed the corrections for the pattern, but I’m still confused.

What part are you confused about? Heel turns never make sense. You just have to follow the directions and when you get to the point where the directions kind of end, you usually get a feel for what your supposed to continue doing. This probably sounds crazy, but thats what I’ve done and I didn’t have the benefit of any instruction. It will work out.
Here is a video that might help!

It is the heel turn. I had it done, but things just weren’t counting out right. You are right, I think I just need to try it with the corrections. I’ll also watch the video link you sent me before I work on it again. I’m sure it will help. I’ll let you know how things turn out. Thanks for your suggestions.:knitting:

I just watched the video and it makes perfect sense to me now!!! Once again, thank you. You solved my problem!!! :cheering:

Sparkie, I’m glad it helped! Knit on…